Ride's videos to plan and share your routes


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Finally using interactive video to plan and share your rides.

ImproveBike gear and enhanced ride

through an easy-to-use app paired with an unparalleled mount for your bike

Measurecalories, distance, & speed

So you can get a clear picture of where you stand and how you ride

TrackLive track your routes on maps

and revisit each segment of your rides along side a memorable video

RecordFavorite routes & best moments

inmortalized with the great smart phone camera that you already own

NavigateUsage of GPS navigation system

you´ll be able to seek different routes that will make riding more interesting

ShareVideos and Maps of Your rides

and put them together nicely so that you can share them with the world

Bycle™ app

Share your ride

Bycle™ improves your riding experience by easily tracking your routes and measuring your ride metrics. In addition, this app allows you to record video that you can later share with friends

  • Navigate with GPS
  • Track your routes
  • Share routes
  • Measure activity
  • improve your rides
  • Record video
  • Edit high res video
  • Challenge friends
  • track achievements

  coming to the app store this summer


Improve your bike

Before, you had to choose between using the phone as a recording device, making the screen hardly visible to the rider, or as a bike computer, which obstructed the camera's angle. Now the camera looks forward instead of facing down due to the lens, and the screen still faces the user.




Lets get a little closer. Hover to Magnify

On this screen shows the essential piece of this product: a prism lens.

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